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Accomodating iol latest study

The lens rests back in the eye to accommodate distance vision, then gently flexes forward to accommodate intermediate vision, and then flexes further forward for near vision.

This movement is enabled by a flexible hinge within the lens.

Unfortunately, this ability diminishes as we grow older, causing us to become dependent on bifocals or reading glasses.

According to the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® IOL clinical studies, three out of four patients implanted in both eyes with the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® reported never wearing glasses following cataract surgery.One such lens is the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® lens, a breakthrough lens that uses apodized diffractive technology (similar to technology used in telescopes and microscopes) to give patients a full range of vision – near through distance – and to reduce dependency on reading glasses or bifocals following cataract surgery.This means that many patients can read the text on items such as prescription bottles, magazines, newspapers and computer screens, while also providing the ability to see items at a distance free from glasses or bifocals.“The brain loves it: patients adapt to In Fo almost instantly.Our mission is to restore their original vision after the surgery of cataract through a unique solution, without compromise on image quality or resolution.” Read More Recent News Myopia, which affects the muscles used to focus the lens of the eye, appears to have clinical implications for “accommodating,” or focusing, intraocular lens (IOLs) implants that help the eye adapt to different visual distances, according to a study in the journal ” Study results help to explain why there are individual differences in the focusing capacity of accommodating IOLs.

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