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For the MDB files: Microsoft Windows 10 or later, 4GB RAM, Microsoft Access 2007 or later.

here." Care Precise Access is distributed as normalized relational database tables (MDB files), each keyed by the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, plus a core Microsoft Access database that links the files together and includes query examples, tables that identify added, dropped and deactivated provider records, and CSV versions of the files.

To purchase a product with the additional data fields, take a look at Care Precise Platinum or Care Precise Master Bundle.

Our separate database of rich data on deactivated providers since 2005 includes the date of deactivation, name, address, specialties - all of the same fields as the standard data on current providers. CPAC database plus EPGH extended data, plus Pro Case properly cased names, addresses, with our powerful list-building software. (See field list below for description of data) Care Precise Access Complete (CPAC) is a normalized relational database.

Type 1 indicates an individual provider (i.e., physician, psychologist, etc.); Type 2 indicates an organizational provider (i.e., hospital, lab, pharmacy, etc.).

Used across the industry, by health plans, governments and federal law enforcement, Care Precise offers the NPPES NPI data as a Microsoft Access® database. In an open form that can be used on ordinary desktop computers and laptops, Care Precise Access Complete delivers every data field, and every row of data, contained in the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains this database. physicians, hospitals, and other providers who accept insurance or are associated with a hospital.The format is specifically designed to be used on standard office-class desktop and laptop computers, overcoming the filesize and maximum row and column issues posed by oversized databases, using a process that removes blank cells from flat files and organizes the data into separate tables for name information, address information, etc., plus data from other federal sources.This allows queries to act on the full dataset (more than 5 gigabytes) within a normal PC environment, either using the Microsoft Access MDB files, or by importing into other database applications such as File Maker, Sales Force, My SQL, MS-SQL, Postgre, Oracle, Fox Pro, Caché, etc. In addition to the complete NPPES data, specialty and subspecialty descriptions have been added to the taxonomy data, enabling searches for "dentist," "otolaryngology," etc., in addition to the provider taxonomy codes Specialties are reported by providers using their Provider Taxonomy Codes.The Care Precise Access dataset can be used to: The Co Lo Code is an algorithmic derivation from provider practice location data, which facilitates querying providers by practice location.Our Qo Relate™ record linkage system standardizes and conforms location data beyond postal specifications to link providers practicing together.

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