Dating fender stratocaster neck extremm dating

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Dating fender stratocaster neck

It was likely his spare in case of problems with his Fender Thinline, since the constant modifications to that guitar likely meant higher chances of problems. Thom used this guitar during early touring for , Acquired in October or December 1995, and used by December Fifth of that year.This guitar was used very frequently by Thom from OK Computer until In Rainbows, falling out of favor after Thom acquired his ‘64 SG.He swapped in a few different pickups, but eventually removed the middle pickup and added a standard telecaster pickguard, making it sometimes hard to identify as a thinline (as the pickup covers part of the F-hole. Thom playing his Thinline Telecaster before he changed his pickups.Thom was seen using this early 90’s Telecaster copy during the early years.

Thom removed the original pickguard when he added a humbucker pickup in the middle position.

Nigel was probably on stage using Thom’s Jazzmaster No2 when this photo was taken, hence it’s absence. In the first rack, the guitars, from left to right, are a Gibson ES-125T, Gibson ES330, Fender Jazzmaster No2, Fender Jazzmaster No1, Gibson SG No2, and Gibson SG No1.

In the second rack, they are an Epiphone Casino No1, Epiphone Casino ‘Ed’s’, Guild M85, Gibson B25, Martin 00-18, and Gibson Hummingbird.

He also plays a mean bass guitar, in a style which he admits is heavily inspired by Flea. From left to right: Gibson Les Paul(Jonny’s), Gibson ES-125T, Rickenbacker 330, Fender Jazzmaster No1, Fender Jazzmaster No2, Gibson SG No2, and Gibson SG No1.

Thom’s guitar setup for the 2010 Atoms for Peace Tour.

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Thom started using the hollowbody more frequently in 2010, both for small solo performances and for the 2010 Atoms for Peace tour.

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