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That said, I acknowledge that some of the cam data I cited in a prior post could be wrong, but I still believe it to be correct.My understanding is that 1998-2002 F-Bodies (Camaros and Firebirds) LS1 engines were equipped with a cam with the following specs: - Intake / Exhaust Duration: 198 / 208 degrees @ .050 Llift - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .500" / .500" - LSA: 115.5 Some of you also cite a cam with identical specs as being the cam that was installed in 2000 C5 LS1's.Plus, we have a special sponsorship platform - Contribute directly to his growth!Built in social media apps include instant messaging, follow your man, twitter and facebook feeds, and a customized member page, where you can collect your favorite men - and get frequent news and reports!Perhaps someone should send an inquiry to Corvette Quarterly to clear the air on the C5 LS1 cam specs issue.[Modified by C5BTW, AM 11/6/2003] I asked this same question earlier today.

It sure explains why those 2000 C5s are so damn fast!

The F-Body LS1 cam required an an externally visible EGR valve, which all F-Bodies have.

2000 C5's do not have an externally visible EGR valve, which would likely have been required if a cam with specs identical to the F-Body cam had been installed in the 2000 C5 LS1 engines.

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