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For that reason, me: hello ho- Saoirse Ronan: HOWIYA ITS ME SEER-SHA!ME NEW FILUM IS GREAT, DO YE THINK I MIGHT GET ME OSCAR THIS YEAR SURE FECK IT HERE' S HOPING DOES ANYONE HAVE A CUP OF TEA WAS DOWN IN TROPICAL POPICAL GETTING ME NAILS DONE SO C' MERE TO ME IT' S GAS ANYWAY — Conor Behan (@platinumjones) November 27, 2017 However, not every corner of the internet was suitable impressed.Saoirse Ronan has had to deal with quite a few people mispronouncing her name over the years.To be fair, it's a pretty Irish name that not many people living Stateside would have heard before.It was unveiled by the poet himself and John Mulholland, who was the assistant Mayor at the time.“Among schoolchildren as well as many a writer and poetry fan, Heaney, smiling public man, spoke and read and twinkled”.All within walking distance are The Quays, Taaffe’s, King’s Head, The Dail Bar, Front Door, Skeff Bar.

The two end up at a tattoo parlour, where Saoirse helps ink the already-heavily tattooed Ed, before ending their night with a Guinness-fuelled lock in.

Thank you so much to the Galway Player for taking care of us at The Connacht, and for playing tour guide through downtown Galway.

Thank you to Relovate for keeping our trip to Ireland organized!

Some fellow Emerald Isle residents thought that perhaps Saoirse was playing up her Irish-ness a tad too much.

He enlisted the perfect guide to show him the sights of Galway for his brand new music video.

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