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He informs Rick of the outbreak that has happened during his time in a coma.

Morgan also informs him that the government was telling everyone to go to Atlanta.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, he finds the entire city overrun. The horse is quickly swarmed and eaten, leaving Rick to try and fend for himself.

Throughout elementary school, Rick firmly defended his younger brother from bullies, however he freqently lost these fights which resulted in Rick getting beaten up by his peers, these losses occasionaly caused him to lose confidance in himself, his father consoled him with the boys don't cry speech to which Rick tried his best to adhere to but never properly prevailed in.

Academically, he entered college for police administration with the intention of becoming a police officer.

didn't." Richard Grimes, universally known as Rick, is the protagonist of Image Comics' The Walking Dead who was first encountered in the first issue of the series.

He gradually becomes the leader of the group, and is often faced with many leadership struggles, overcoming them and changing his mindset to prioritize safety in numbers.

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