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Speed dating eastbourne east sussex

CWX 671 was new to KWY in 1938 and is a Bristol K5G, but the bodywork is not what one might expect, being by Roe rather than by ECW, and is to L27/28R layout being rebodied in 1950, it originally did have an ECW L27/26R body.We see her in North Albert Street, on the corner of Kent Street, Fleetwood, arriving to take her place for Tram Sunday on 20 July 2003.Anything was welcome as long it had a Gardner engine.

These Roe bodies were of exceptional quality and were ordered because ECW were unable to carry out the total rebody requirement for the K class pre war buses.To cover this K rebodying programme, the G type buses mainly remained in service until 1951/2, and what memories they bring back!With reference to the comment on West Yorkshire RCC by Richard Fieldhouse, United rebodied 4 prewar buses with Roe lowbridge bodies; LUT1 EHN 617 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT2 EHN 618 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT3 EHN 620 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R LUT4 EHN 621 Bristol K5G 47.0 L27/28R BGL 17-18,20-21, later BDO 17,18,20 & 21.I do recall United Automobile having some similar Bristol K5G/Roe re-bodies but I am not sure of the number they had. More shots of KDG 26 taken at a Gardner Engine Rally held in June 2005 at Castlefield Canal Basin in Manchester.As well as buses the event included lorries, narrowboats and static engines.

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